Adam Julier

Web Developer / Software Engineer

About Me

My name is Adam Julier, and I'm a software engineer based in New York.

I have experience in developing full-stack web & mobile applications, software design, data visualization, UX optimization, web analytics, and more.



-> A mobile iOS/Android app built using React Native, Django, and PostgreSQL.
-> Turn the images on your phone into an indexable, searchable database.
-> Add tags to the images in your camera roll quickly and efficiently using quick tagging methods, and never need to spend time finding them in your phone again.

« View the React Native (JavaScript) mobile client on GitHub »
« View the Django (Python) API on GitHub »

Travel Locations

-> A full-stack app which uses React, Node, Express, and the Google Maps & Places APIs.
-> View a selected list of potential travel locations, rendering each area on the map, get a list of nearby places using the Places API, and add trip ideas with notes to your favorites.
-> User authentication using JSON web tokens & password hashing via Bcrypt.

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NBA Team Maker

-> Full-stack application built with Node.js & Express.
-> Access all player & team data from the API, create your own custom teams, and compare their stats.

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React Movie Viewer

-> ReactJS app which utilizes data from the TMDB movie API.
-> View movie details, and create a list of favorites.

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Quick Blackjack

-> A pick-up-and-play browser version of Blackjack (1P vs. CPU), made using JavaScript & jQuery

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Tic Tac Toe

-> A browser-based game of Tic Tac Toe (2 human players), made using JavaScript.

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